2013 Aug 18

  • Added pitch velocity probability density chart (plots the percentages of pitches by velocity)

2013 Aug 4

  • Allow linking directly to stat queries (note: bug prevents linking to batting stats for pitchers)
  • Added notes field to annotate stat pages (in "additional tools" section)
  • Added pitchers mound to 3d pitch render

2013 Aug 3

  • Allow charts to be saved, floated, or opened in new window
  • Added Appearance filters by opposing player (i.e. pitcher/batter)
  • Repaired problem with relief pitchers defaulting to batting stats

2013 July 21

  • Added description tooltips to all statistics
  • Show wait indicator when loading appearances

2013 July 14

  • Added average velocity to pitch characteristics section

2013 June 29

  • Added avg break dir, avg break angle, avg spin angle

2013 June 25

  • Added Per-pitch batting (and related) averages

2013 June 24

  • Added some help text for 3d rendering of pitches.
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